Dear Mexico:

You have one of our own.  You are presently holding a Marine.  I cannot say an ‘ex’ Marine because everyone knows once a Marine, always a Marine.  You are holding Mr. Andrew Tahmooressi and we want him home.  Now, I’m not one to get all gushy and throw flowers at you to encourage you to do the right thing.  I am also not going to drown you in statistics as to how you need US a lot more than we need YOU.  So I am going to do what I do best and that is to talk straight with you. 

You like to have your military come across our borders at times and have done so without incidence.  If we do not get our Marine home anything to do with your military coming across the border will be seen as an act of aggression.  Now I know you do not fear our President or government.  I must admit that I do not know of anyone who should fear our President except for those who do not agree with him in our own country.  But you need to fear the people.  There are enough ‘good ole  boys’ around to make your military look rather sickly and I would encourage you to rethink anything that might involve the people of this country in a negative engagement.

You like to have the money sent from your illegals that are in this country back to your economy.  If we do not get our Marine back home we will enact such a lock down on the border that a Mexican Fruit Fly without the proper papers will not even be able to get across.  Then you will not only have to deal with all the people you are trying to get rid of by sending them over here, you will also not have any money earned in the US.  Likewise all tourism into Mexico will stop.  Anyone not smart enough to stay out of Mexico at this point should be seen as a form of Darwinism and certain ones being weeded out of the population because we all know the sky rocketing levels of homicides in Mexico.  But even those not so bright as to possibly still thinking of going into Mexico will be discouraged. 

While you might put up a good front on wanting to stop the drug cartels from doing business your reality tends to show through.  It is hard to imagine a country that truly wanted to stop the flow of drugs not being able to do more than the government has done thus far.  Likewise, the level of corruption in your military and law enforcement is legendary.  Therefore, if we do not get our Marine back home we the people will enforce our laws.  Any drug cartel, mule, or dealers seen on our soil will be open game.  I can guarantee that our boys are a lot better shot than yours for one simple reason. We never hold a gun sideways.  I can assure you that you do not want us to start enforcing our anti-drug laws.

Lastly, if we do not get our Marine back home you have received your last shipment of guns from America.  I know that you have enjoyed a flow thus far from our government, much to the disgust of the American people.  Well, you can kiss them all goodbye. 

Now that I have your attention what will it be?  Our Marine or do we have to start getting upset.  Before you answer that question please allow me to remind you of another country who was afraid that they were about to awaken a sleeping giant!


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