Allow me to start off by saying I know there is a major difference between civil disobedience and civil unrest.  So for any Feds who might be monitoring these blogs I am not promoting nor have I ever promoted civil unrest.  Now, with that out of the way, I wonder what would happen if enough people decided to inform the government that they could make all the stupid laws, rules, regulations, degrees, executive orders, and edicts that they want but that we will ignore them?  I think that even the most liberal among us, who has at least two neurons to rub together; will have to agree that our government is out of control.  We have a President who makes rules and orders at will as if he is King George.  Congress is by-passed.  Even if Congress is involved we have a wall between the House and Senate called Harry Reid who refuses to bring anything presented by the Republican House to the floor for a vote.  We have Senate leaders standing up and saying how wonderful the new Affordable Health Care bill is doing when they totally overlook the cost factor verses outcome benefits.  I was amazed as to how well the website worked for other things yet was supposed to be the most powerful government from one of the richest nations in the world could not produce a website.  Next time, if they really want a good website, have Publisher’s Clearing House make the site.  They did a really good job!

We have a government that is trying every possible avenue to rid America of firearms under the guise of mental health, children, health care, and who knows what all they want to use as a label.  I am amazed as to how many law enforcement officers are going on record as not being willing to enforce gun confiscation.  What if all Constitution believing law enforcement officers simply refused to follow any anti-gun regulation as simply being un-Constitutional?  I remember some of the sappy movies that I have watched over the years.  In so many of them there is the wimpy kid who gets picked on.  Finally the wimpy kid stands up to the bully.  Of course he gets smacked a couple of times but this time he gets back up repeatedly.  Finally, one by one the by standers begin to move.  The bully starts seeing the reality that he is not simply going to deal with the wimpy kid but now everyone else.  People think:  If I don’t do what they say they will arrest me.  Those who want to break the Constitution cannot arrest the whole nation.  We are Americans.  We are known worldwide for the people with the backbone. We might be unorthodox but we get the job done and we do not stop in the fact of adversary. 

Our government is trying to tell us what kind of light bulbs to buy, what kind of car we should have, not to use salt, not to buy sodas, not to eat this or that, what our kids are to have in their lunches, pushing ‘fruits and vegetables’ and no chocolate milk, and so many things it makes your head swim.  Maybe it is time we simply said:  NO.  Thank you Nancy Reagan for giving us the answer:  Just say NO.  No, I will not stop flying my flag regardless of some home owner’s association rules.  No, I will not bow to anyone else’s religion.  I will respect your right to believe as you want but if your religion tries to force itself upon me or make me remove my flag or change my menu to please it, the answer will be NO.  No, I will not allow your religion to be taught in school unless ALL religions are taught.  No, I will not allow you to tell me how or what to eat.  No, I will not give up my V-8 auto unless I WANT TO GIVE IT UP.  No, I will make the decision as to what my child has in his lunches.  No, I will not sit by and have any school district tell me what to feed my child.  No, I will not stop wearing a shirt with a flag on it because it might ‘offend’ someone.  If they do not like my shirt then don’t look at it!  No, I will not honor your dumbass sign that says I cannot carry a concealed weapon in your restaurant.  If I have a license by the State, I will carry wherever I dang well please.  It is called a ‘concealed weapon’ for a reason.  No, I will not give up remembering what happened on Sept 11, 2011 because it might make someone feel bad.  If you feel bad or you think I don’t like a certain group because of what happened:  DEAL WITH IT!  That is YOUR problem and not MINE. 

I love my country.  My country is in critical condition.  There is a storm on the horizon.  I do not know the answer.  But I do know that if Americans do not find their backbone soon we will no longer be the America we have come to take for granted. 


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