Things are a bit different from when I was a pup.  I remember the worst thing that could happen was that if you were out after curfew and the police brought you home.  I could easily bemoan the days of yore and think back upon all the good things that once were and all the reasons things are the way they are presently.  I could rant on all the things that has been changed and why the changes are the results of the world going to Hell in a hand basket. But that actually accomplishes nothing.  I prefer not to waste my time on the things I cannot change.  Ten minutes watching the news would be enough for anyone to see that there are things happening on a daily basis that would not have been permitted when I was young.  I regularly carry a concealed weapon.  It used to be that people asked me why I carried.  Now the question is rather why they do not carry a weapon.  In Florida scores of young people were arrested not for being rowdy on a beach but because they were walking, rather actually marching, down a main street jumping on cars and terrorizing people. 

One thing that I do believe contributes to this behavior is that society has become too soft on those who do these things.  People are not afraid of the consequences.  By the time a police officer is finished with his or her paperwork the bad guy has had his slimy attorney or civil rights advocate get them released.  Lady Liberty has a blindfold because she is supposed to be blinded to the color, creed, nationality or religion of a person and weighs justice equally.  Now she is blindfolded because she does not want to see what is coming her way. 

We can sit and moan about how bad things are or we can be active.  I choose the latter.  When it gets to local elections I want to vote for a sheriff that is not afraid of people.  I want someone who is willing to stand up to politics and rule according to law.  I want someone who will tell civil rights advocates to make sure they tell the little delinquents they want to protect not to break the law and the law will not arrest them.  I want an Attorney General that will support the law and not bow to race, creed, or religion.  I want a Federal Attorney General who will enforce the law equally and not just to those guilty of crimes that he or she does not fine desirable.  The Attorney General Holder passed on the crimes committed by the Black Panthers at the voting location where it was clear intimidation there was a problem.  Whistleblowers have been coming exposing how Holder’s department has made a distinction between crimes done against white people as being not as important as those done against black people.  We have a President that openly defends people such as the statement made against the law enforcement officer who questioned the black college professor.  Obama knew nothing about the situation yet blamed the officer.  Obama comes out to defend Martin as ‘if he had a son’ while knowing nothing about the case.  America is worse off racially than ever in our past.  America is so far off where civil rights and racial equality is concerned that a sane person must ask the question:  why. 

Forgive my rants for a moment.  But the question needs to be asked if this might not the purpose for the open disregard for the laws by this administration?  If there is civil unrest then the government imposes FEMA regulations and all Constitutional rights stop.  For those who are snickering right now I would encourage you to do a simply computer search regarding FEMA executive orders and just see how much your rights get put on hold during this period.  I do not know the answers but I do feel it is beyond time to be heard.  Vote people out and vote the right people in.  Be heard in civil affairs.  Have a simple plan what to do in case of an emergency.  You do not have be build a bomb shelter to have a simple plan.  Something even as basic as how would you eat if the markets closed for a month?  Do you have extra canned food?  Can you get water?  In some areas of the nation that is no problem because of all the rain but in other areas it is a major concern.  Do you have forms of communication or transportation?  Are you around family in case you need to pull together?  Do you have basic knowledge on how to plant a garden?  Do you have an alternative heat source?  These are not radical thoughts or questions.  The question is no longer why are you preparing to take care of things in case of an emergency but rather, why are you not preparing to take care of things in case of an emergency.


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