I remember hearing a story of an old Southern gentleman who had been extremely patient with a son who had been doing everything possible to abandon his upbringing.  Finally the father looked at the son and told him:  Son, either change your behavior or change you name.  I know there must be some good Democrats who want to do well for America.  I know there must be some who believe in their roots of wanting to take care of the poor and overlooked.  But there has been an increasing amount who evidently has forgotten their purpose.  I believe that those good well intended Democrats should be screaming to those types to either change their behaviors or change their name.  Congress men and women are supposed to be intelligent and have commonsense.  But I heard statements coming out of various Democrat leaders that I truly wonder if they actually stop and listen to themselves.  I was listening to the news the other day and heard, not clips but actual statements, of two Congressmen who made the comment that the reason people do not like President Obama is because he is black and, therefore, they are racists.  Or the reason a person does not like Obamacare is because he is black and, therefore, they are racists.  I did not know that it was a despicable act to disagree with the President.  I do not remember anyone saying that if a particular group of people disagree with George Bush it was because he was white. 

I have learned over the years that you can tell how weak a person’s point is that they are trying to defend by how ridiculous their arguments become and when they begin personal attacks.  Remember in the early years of school when one child starts getting the upper hand there would be the old:  Well, your mother is ugly.  I am seeing our politicians result to the same level of argument.  If they cannot defend and issue they go on personal attacks.  I am so tired of hearing the race accusation.  I have done extensive research into my family line.  I have so many different races, not nationalities but races, in my family that I am my own United Nations meeting.  Personally I think that Obamacare has maybe 10% workable good and 90% nightmare, but that is a blog for a different time. 

Then there is what I refer as the ultimate stupid remark from a Congressional leader.  I remember Nancy Pelosi making here infamous statement of:  We must pass the bill in order to know what is in the bill.  That is equal to saying:  We must sign the contract in order to know what is in the contract.  I imagine every corporate attorney right now is having near cardiac arrest with that idea.  But this is the mentality of the elected leaders.  Our elected leaders have caucuses that they must pass through in order to be elected.  I wish there could be a commonsense meter that they also have to pass. 

Now before anyone gets a burr in their saddle thinking that I am just picking on the Democrats I can assure that when the Republicans do stupid things that I will harass them as well.  But right now it is the Democrats who are the engineers of the stupid train.  America will never change people who wish to believe things like what has been discussed here.  America will never change those who want to blame everything on racism.  America will never change those who really seem to not want to do their jobs and merely want to support a Party.  But America can remove them from their jobs at the next election.  If these people remain in their position it is America who deserves to be told:  Either change your behavior or change your name.


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