There are a few questions that keep running around in my little head.  First, when did commonsense die and what why did it die?  Second, when did intelligence and education become enemies instead of necessary allies?  Third, when did our school system become an arm of the political system?  As I watch various activities in today’s school system these questions keep arising.  I am no stranger to the academic system with two Master degrees and minus a dissertation for a second Doctorate degree I believe I know my way within that setting.  It used to be that you had to have at least a couple neuron to rub together and a little ‘horse sense’ in order to excel in that system.  But lately that does not seem to be the order of the day. 

I remember back in the Stone Age we started every day with the Pledge of Allegiance, we prayed before lunch, if we had a crush on someone during recess and gave them a hug we were not expelled, we carried pocket knives and were not whisked away to deprogramming sessions with some counselor, we even got into fist fights when five minutes later were playing together in the school yard.  We could get paddled by the Principal and knew we would be paddled at home for acting up at school.  And, the biggest problem was talking in line and chewing gum. No one got shot.  No one got stabbed.  No one seemed to complain.  There may be those who would say that back then people were not as educated about the ‘issues’.  Well today I see kids carrying guns in school, people being stabbed and murdered in the hallways, people being rapped, gangs being so bad that there are now armed police officers hired by the schools, teachers are not able to discipline the students in any way without a law suit from mommy or daddy, the Pledge is removed, prayer is considered unconstitutional, and the biggest problem is whether the teacher will live through another day.  If this is an idea of ‘enlightenment’ I think we need to go back to the Stone Age. 

I believe that as the school system has become more closely entwined with politics that people have become increasingly stupid.  Commonsense has been removed and image has become the rule of law.  Instead of teaching responsibility in firearms you have kids being expelled from all grades if they so much as tear paper in the form of a gun.  Last I knew that also means that if the student draws a picture of Texas, Idaho, Florida, Nebraska, and a few other states that they can also be expelled because they can be made to look like a gun.  At times I think the administrators of the schools would fail a Rorschach test because everything would look like a gun and the psychologist would have their license removed because they showed too many pictures of guns.  If a kindergarten student brings brownies to school to share with the class, and has a plastic knife to cut them, with that student can and has been expelled.   Gideon’s are barred from handing out New Testaments on school grounds while it is fine for the Koran to be taught.  Christmas carols are considered unconstitutional but Halloween is fun.  The list can go on but I get tired if I type that long. 

It appears that many within the education system have become educated fools.  They may have degrees but no wisdom. It used to be that wisdom was what made intelligence practically workable.  Wisdom without some form of intelligence is simply good guessing.  Intelligence without some form of wisdom is educated folly.  The two need each other.  But it appears that many within the leadership of the education system have surrendered wisdom to be politically led.  Now you have some nebulous minds in government telling the schools nationwide what is the best way to educate the masses.  These great government minds then proceed to explain how the students in New York cities need the same education as those in Arkansas.  It does not mean that the students are any smarter in either place, or have less need for education, but the students are different.  They learn different and will learn with different illustrations.  Culture, philosophy, values, morals, and social expectations are going to be different.  Education must incorporate these items if it is to be practical.  Education that is not practical is useless and makes nothing more than educated fools and America has too many of them already in the wings awaiting their turn to lead this country.      


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