I remember growing up when there was someone really gullible I would tell them that I had some riverfront property in Iowa to sell them cheap.  Of course there is no riverfront property in Iowa and most people realized that fact.  But we are being told things today from Washington D.C. that is equally as absurd.  I am beginning to wonder why there are so many highly paid specialists surrounding the President for briefings and information.   When the present issues regarding the Veteran Affairs Administration broke into the media the President stated that he was shocked and just heard about it that morning from the news.  When the IRS issue broke the President also stated that he learned about it from the morning news.  I am coming to the conclusion that we do not need high paid aids around the President and that all we truly need is cable news. 

Before readers start saying I hold this position simply because I must belong to a particular political party.  I do not ‘belong’ to any party.  I am an American and that is where my loyalty rests.  My ancestors fought to found this nation.  I have people who came here on the Mayflower and I have other ancestors who were the ‘welcome wagon’ for them when they arrived. I love my country.  I fear for my country.  Personally I am not a young pup.  I am beginning to get ‘long in the tooth’ and am proud of that fact.  But never have I seen politicians being so bold in their outright corruption and misuse of power.  Last I knew the two parts of Congress were supposed to work together.  One part would pass a bill and it be sent over to the other side which would then vote upon that bill.  But today if the leader of one side or the other does not like the bill it simply does not make it to the floor.  Our political leaders are signing contracts for the American people who are responsible for the payments.  It is like if you owned a business and you had someone willy nilly signing contracts for you without you being told what those contract fully contain or even if the person actually read the contact before signing.  Then we are being told that they ‘had to sign it’ in order to know that was in it.  As a business owner I would fire this person. 

It has been shown that the IRS was used as a hit squad to deal with groups who might prove to be politically dangerous.  It has been shown that no repercussions have come to those who killed four Americans in Benghazi.  We have a veteran’s medical system where people have received bonuses after ‘cooking the books’ regarding wait times where people have died.  I have personally worked with veterans and have watched in some cases 5 years before their disability benefits claim be won.  In some cases the veteran died before their service was recognized.  We have government gun running to Mexico which resulted in some of those guns being used against our own people and no one has been held accountable.  Never before do I remember a time where the Constitution, the cornerstone of our nation, being so disregarded and even threatened as it is today. 

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor the Admiral made his famous quote:  I am afraid we have awoken a sleeping giant.  Are we still a giant?  Are we just sleeping or are we comatose?   It was stated that the reason why Japan (and nothing against the Japanese) did not attack American on our soil was because they were afraid that ‘behind every blade of grass would be an American with a gun’.  Never before has the Second Amendment been under such attack as today.  It seems as if the general citizen is being disarmed.  Why are we being disarmed?  What will or even might be the result if we are disarmed? 

I believe we still are that sleeping giant.  But medical professionals can concur that even sleep can be dangerous.  If someone begins to sleep too much, first of all, it tends to be a sign of clinical depression.  Secondly, too much sleep without movement can result in the buildup of toxins within the body which have the potential to be deadly.  Specialists refer to this as the difference between oxygenation and respiration.  Some of our Forefathers woke up their nation with a quill pen.  I am hoping to do so with a laptop.  America must start asking questions and demanding answers.  We must demand answers from our media centers.  We must demand that they start doing their jobs and not simply condone political behavior because it might be financially advantageous.  We must demand that America not be bought or sold.  This is MY America.  This is YOUR America.  This is the ONLY America we have and we must protect it.


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