I am going to stick my neck way out and address the elephant in the living room.  Political correctness has danced around this issue for years because people do not want to ‘offend’.  Our nation was not attacked by a group of radical Baptist.  Daughters are not being slaughtered under the name of honor killings by a bunch of radical Methodists.  Innocent girls are not kidnapped in foreign lands by a radical group of Catholics.  These things are being done by radical Islamist.  There are even comments made by members of Islam that within the religion itself that there is poison within the teachings.  Now, please do not misunderstand my position.  I know for a fact that there are some within the umbrella of Islamic nations who are about as radical as a Sunday School picnic.  But, because our present administration in Washington D.C. seems bent upon indoctrinating America in Islam, the deeper truths of Islam are being ignored and covered. 

I wonder how our service men and women feel when they hear the same people and ideology that killed, and in some cases butchered, their friends, protected or minimized by our political leadership.  It is no wonder when people question why America is at war in foreign countries.  The enemy is kept quiet and hidden for fear of insulting Islam.  I grew up with the mentality that ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’.  I read and watch as Islam threatens openly the total destruction of the complete state of Israel and all Jewish people.  The people, government, and religion of Judaism is the uninhibited target of Islam.  Islam openly mocks and insults Christianity and slaughters those in their countries who are guilty of the only crime of being Christian.  But, it is almost to the place in America where it is a crime to speak negatively about Islam.  Our President even publically condemns all those who speak negatively against Islam during a United Nations meetings. There is even discussion about allowing those wearing the burka with full face covering to get their photo identification without removing the face covering since it is against their religion as well as to pass through airport screening without being patted down. 

During World War II there were crimes committed against Americans who were born in Japan.  We never want to repeat these actions.  But the pendulum has swung the other direction beyond reason.  The terrorist are Islamic radicals.  Honor killings are Islamic believers.  Al Qaeda and their branches are Islamic radicals. 

I do not have the answer.  But I do know that we must stop dancing around the elephant in the living room.  We must be willing to starting calling things are they are in reality.  When America has cities that are so heavily Islamic that the American flag can be removed because it ‘offends’ others, then there is a problem.   America has its roots in Christian teachings in spite of what liberals are saying.  There is such a deep connection with Israel one of the folds in closing up a flag represents Israel.  It was a Jewish millionaire who gave his entire fortune to George Washington to fund the American Revolution.  There are no easy answers but we must begin to be honest and real regarding Islam.     


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