Imagine a world where all tableware is illegal because of thousands of obese people were dying of heart disease and diabetes.  Or, how about a land where gasoline was heavily regulated as a response to masses that were either maimed or killed due to drunk drivers.  People probably look at those two examples and think how absurd they sound.  Yet this is exactly the same rational used where gun regulation is concerned.  As per normal, I am not going to be politically correct in addressing this issue because there is too much political correctness already which has been clouding the issue.  Let us first move emotion out of the equation.  Secondly, statistics are one of those wonderful things that can be bent into so many directions it makes Gumby looks like rigor mortis had set in.  So it may be necessary to remove the ‘factual statistic’ from the issue and simply look at logic and reason.  Besides, statistics are only factual if they are supporting the side of the analysis.  If criminals want to get a gun to do something illegal with it does not matter if that gun is technically illegal.  The only people who follow the law are those who are not going to do something illegal with their firearm.  Along this same line of thought is that a sign posted stated that firearms are not permitted in a certain location will not stop someone from using that firearm in an illegal fashion.  The tragedies that have rock our nation recently where firearms have been used have been in areas where firearms are ‘prohibited’.  Signs do not work to stop crime.  If signs actually stopped crime I imagine that every bank would have a sign in front saying:  It is illegal to rob this bank. 

America does not have a gun problem.  America has a people problem.  As long as people feel they have a right to whatever they want whenever they want it, they will continue to use whatever means available to get what they want.  If it is not a firearm it will be something else.  But as long as there is crime there will be those who do not bother getting their weapons legally.  It may be a cliché but truly is guns were outlawed then only outlaws would have guns. 

Now I do not support the idea that everyone should be walking down the streets like in the old West.  I do support the idea of training in the proper use of a firearm, especially if it is going to be carried concealed.  What I do oppose is history repeating itself and no one watching.  During Hitler’s Nazi rule one of the first things done was strict regulation of firearms.  Additionally, Hitler did not ban gun ownership.  But due to the strict regulations imposed upon firearms and their ownership certain groups were unable to own any guns.  Some of the groups barred from legally owning firearms were the Gypsies and Jews. 

I love my country.  I have nearly 80% if not more, of my ancestors who were in the land during the time of the American Revolution who fought to found this great nation.  I feel a major sense of ownership in this country.  I also see emotional packed movements seeking to rid our land of firearms under the impression that everything would then be safer and evil would cease to exist.  I wish it could be so.  But reality proves the opposite to be true.  Our police forces are too thin and overworked.  It is illogical and even unfair to them to expect them to be everywhere all the time.  But as long as there will be evil people with evil in their hearts and evil intent upon their minds, there will need to be good men and women willing to stand the gap.


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