We all remember the story of the little boy who kept crying wolf.  After a number of times where the town’s people jumped to the threat of a wolf just to find that it was not true, they began to not pay attention to the cries.  Finally when there was a real threat of a wolf the boy cried the warning simply to pay the cost for his misdeeds of his previous false cries and was eaten by the wolf. Today we hear people crying racism from every direction and corner of society.  It seems that if a person does not like the way or manner in which they were treated at a store or restaurant it had to have been because of racism.  Yet it seems like, just as with the boy who cried wolf, there might be false warning being created. 

In today’s society if a black store owner fires a white clerk there is no question raised.  But if a white store owner fires a black clerk then it had to be because of racism.  If a black police officer kills a white criminal it is viewed as him doing his job but if a white police officer kills a black criminal then it was due to racism.  If a black mob beats a white male there is nothing heard in the media but if a white mob beats a black male then it was a racist hate crime.  According to today’s society standard the only ones capable of racism are apparently white people. 

The term racism is supposed to mean the determination of a person’s value due to race.  This is supposed to apply to all people.  Yet today racism is whatever is politically significant.  If someone from Europe has a visa that is no longer valid and the person gets deported back to Europe there is no issue raised yet if a person is from Mexico and sent back home then it is a case of racism. 

I propose that the greatest examples of true racism come from our government.  If a person fills out an application dealing with the government there is the part of race.  “African-American” is not a race it is a nationality.  This is also very insulting to those from Jamaica and other island nations who are dark skinned.  “White” is not a race, it is a color.  Congress has a “Congressional Black Caucus” but I have never heard of a Congressional Asian Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, or a White Caucus.   You never hear of a United Asian College Fund.  If racism separates one race from another providing advantage to one race over another, then this is racism.  If the issue is that one group needs better representation then it is a people issue and not a race issue and ALL people should have better representation. 

Racism will never disappear as long as it is made a primary focal point.  It is not racism to discuss the obvious.  Different cultures, lifestyles and viewpoints could be something from which people could learn.  It is not more racism to discuss the obvious than it is sexism to recognize the difference between men and women.  I would be so bold as to say that racism will never die because there are those who are too invested in keeping racism alive.  If everyone was equal then there would be no banner to wave, no soapbox from which to speak or any cloak as a crusader than a person could carry. 

If society wants people to be equal then they need to treat people as equal.  Quotas must go.  Separatism must be removed.  Focus needs to be removed from the idea of ‘my people’ to ‘the people’. 


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